Bahrain Fintech Bay Recap

Bahrain FinTech Bay launch with RobustWealth

Last week, I had the privilege of going to the Middle East to speak at the launch of the Bahrain Fintech Bay (BFB). BFB kindly had RobustWealth present to an audience of over 400 at their gleaming new site. Located in the stunning Arcapita Building, the 10,000 square feet of usable space overlooks the waters of the Bahrain Bay and the Arabian Gulf.

Bahrain Economic Development Boar and Fintech Consortium Fintech Bayvia

FinTech in Bahrain

We also had meetings with officials from Economic Development Board Bahrain and many local financial institutions looking to potentially add an automated wealth management platform [aka Robo] to optimize their practices. It was encouraging to hear how everyone was keen on FinTech and had an in-depth understanding of the role that Robos can play in the future of the finance.

Bahrain FinTech Bay Media Coverage

Of course, an event of this magnitude isn’t without its fair share of interviews and photo opportunities… I even had some face time with CNN Arabia.

Here are a few of our favorite stories from the launch:


The GCC Financial Forum 2018

Bahrain concurrently hosted The GCC Financial Forum 2018, with several speakers including Lord Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England; as well as the Chief Economic Advisor of Allianz and former CEO of PIMCO Mohamed El-Erian.

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In all seriousness, I am a big fan of his observations and perspectives. His speech was a great tour of the global economy, coupled with insights and life lessons.

Aspiring WhiParazzi

Unrelated, but automotively legit nonetheless, Bahrain’s sovereign fund recently bought a stake in British supercar company McLaren. There was no shortage of Top Gear’s favorite whips around town. I have a bad habit of taking pics in front of high-performance engineering!

On behalf of my colleagues at RobustWealth, thank you to our partners at Bahrain FinTech Bay for your kind hospitality, and all of the great introductions!

– Rick



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