Women and Wealth at our 3rd Annual Digital Advice Summit

FinTech Women in Wealth 2019 - RobustWealth

The 3rd Annual Digital Advice Summit promises to explore the what’s, how’s, and why’s of delivering stellar digital advice to clients. With new speakers and topics gracing the stage, we want to showcase one of the staples of our conference each year, the Women in Wealth panel.

For the second year in a row, you’ll hear insights from innovative women in the industry today. This year’s panel is set to discuss the trials, tribulations, and joys of being a female in a male-dominated field. They will also share what we all can be doing to encourage other women to join the growing field. You can review the quick recap of the 2018 Women in Wealth panel and prepare for another insightful panel at this year’s conference.

Meet the female financial advisors commanding the stage

The all-star cast of the Women’s Panel features ladies with innovative and transformative approaches to wealth management. What makes them so interesting? Let’s meet the women behind the conference magic.

Arlene Moss - Women in Wealth 2019

Arlene Moss, CFP®

Arlene Moss is often described as the ultimate woman with a plan. She’s spent the last decade helping advisors understand their true worth and encouraging them to build strong relationships with their clients. Her approach focuses on understanding the financial advisement industry and what independent RIAs need to succeed. 

Allison Vanaski - Women in Wealth 2019

Allison Vanaski, CFP®

With a Wall Street background, Allison is a CFP® who specializes in women’s financial planning issues, high net worth client needs, and financial psychology. She currently works for Arcadia Wealth Management as a Fee-Only advisor, making sure to put the needs and best interests of her clients first.

Shannon Rosic - Women in Wealth 2019

Shannon Rosic

You’ve likely seen Shannon featured on our site, as she’s a repeat women’s panel attendee. In the past, she served as the head of FinTech programming at AssetTV. Now, as the Director of Multimedia for Medici, she blends her expertise in marketing and financial tech to bring the latest news and insights to advisors around the country.

Shehera Wooten - Women in Wealth 2019

Shehara Wooten, CFP®

As an engineer, Shehara saw a need for financial planning that advocated for women and professionals within the STEM disciplines. Since then, she has opened a virtual, fee-only boutique firm that works to build and promote client financial success stories. While overseeing financial successes, she continues to grow her firm, Your Story Financial, and runs financial literacy workshops.

Tanya Steinhofer - Women in Wealth 2019

Tanya Steinhofer

Returning to the panel, Tanya has spent over fifteen years in the investment industry, working across all types of firms. She’s spent time on Wall Street, has worked for large multi-national firms, and has paved her way through smaller boutique firms. From these experiences, Tanya has built a wealth management philosophy around authentic, straightforward financial advice.

Going beyond the Women in Wealth Panel

This is just one of the conversations that you’ll be able to participate in at Big Sky. Register today to participate in learning labs, ski with a former Olympian, and listen to a variety of compelling speakers from within the financial industry.

Have any burning questions for the panelists? Submit them here!

Have any burning questions for the panelists? Submit them here!

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