Sofia Financial Women Investing in Women Event Recap

RobustWealth Sponsors Sofia Financial Event

On April 19th, RobustWealth sponsored the annual Sofia Financial Women Investing in Women event hosted at the Girls Auto Clinic Repair Center (GAC) in Upper Darby, PA.

This years turn out was great! All ticket proceeds went to Team Up Philly, an organization which “is dedicated to empowering girls living in under-served Philadelphia neighborhoods to achieve their full potential through participation in programs that combine athletics, character development, nutrition education, leadership training and academic support”, according to their website.

Patrice Banks, Founder of the Girl’s Auto Clinic held a mini car-care workshop in which she demonstrated how to change an air filter, check your oil levels, as well as how often you need to check and replace your oil. She also went over information on brakes and brake fluid, and where you can find certain information on your car like engine size and service schedule. All this information can be found in Patrice’s new book, Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, on shelves, September 19th, 2017.

As a Lehigh University graduate and former Dupont Engineer, Patrice also shared with us her story and why she founded GAC. She always felt like she was an “Auto Airhead” and being taken advantage of in the auto industry. Women make up 60% of the consumers within the auto industry, but only represent 7.3% of automotive repair and maintenance employees according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016.

In the past, Patrice was purposely going to one Jiffy Lube because it was next to a nail salon, and she could get her nails done while she waited. She thought it was a great idea to combine the two and started the Girls Auto Clinic. People love her idea, and she gets contacted from all over the country asking when she is going to bring a GAC to their city. Currently, Patrice only has women as full time employees, but she will have guest appearances from male mechanics from time to time when she has male clients.

About Sofia Financial:

Sofia Financial is a financial firm created by women, for women. Three women with an extensive background in finance form the company: Stephanie McCullough, Suzette Hagan and Terry Davis. Their goal is to help clients alleviate areas of money stress, so women can have sustainable financial situations and be resilient in the face of all life can throw at them. To Sofia Financial, a successful relationship means the client feels good about their money – where it is and what it’s doing for them. They help clients feel cared for, capable and confident about personal finances.

About the Girls Auto Clinic:

The Girls Auto Clinic Repair Center was created by Patrice Banks, a former engineer, who wanted to stand up for women who felt taken advantage of in the auto world. The automotive experience for women is often one of stress, anxiety, and inconvenience. Women are often assumed to be less knowledgeable about their cars, opening a door for them to be lured into unnecessary business. Their unique Repair Center offers full service auto repairs by female mechanics with manicures, pedicures, and hair blow-outs while you wait in their Clutch Beauty Bar. GAC inspires women to have a positive relationship with their vehicle through buying and repair services, outreach, education and niche marketing. Their customers come to feel confident about themselves, their cars, and their buying choices.

Thank you to all who joined us on Wednesday, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and learned a little something too. A special Thank You to Sofia Financial for allowing us to be a part of such a great event. Thank you to Patrice Banks and the women of the Girls Auto Clinic and to Team Up Philly for their dedication to helping women succeed! Stay tuned for even more events hosted and/or sponsored by RobustWealth.

About RobustWealth:

Originally invested in by investment advisors, RobustWealth is an automated wealth management platform built for their needs. RobustWealth integrates previously modular features into one seamless suite. Advisors leverage the platform to optimize their practice on their clients’ behalf. The easy-to-use technology is delivered in a completely private labeled environment customized to the advisor’s brand. Risk-&-goal based portfolio solutions can effortlessly be made bespoke for the client.  Advisors can also use their own investment models, RobustWealth’s, or mutual fund partners. RobustWealth only charges its low fees when automated rebalancing services are turned on. Otherwise, the suite of investment, operational & technology optimizers are provided free of charge. RobustWealth is headquartered in Lambertville, New Jersey, and has offices in Denver and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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