Enhance Your Brand Featuring Sunny Lenarduzzi

Enhance Your Brand with Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Run, Grow, and Succeed using social media.

RobustWealth’s Advisor Insights: “Enhance Your Brand” featuring Sunny Lenarduzzi is the go-to video that illustrates how to successfully build your firm’s brand. As an advisor, branding will allow you to stay active, relevant, and at the forefront of your current and prospective clients’ attention.

In this video, Sunny introduces the “A.C.E.” Strategy as a way to shape your brand utilizing Authority, Consistency, and Engagement. This strategy, combined with the use of media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram will optimize your brand awareness quickly, easily and effectively.

Check out the video for more information and to learn how to Run, Grow, and Succeed using social media.

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