Joel Bruckenstein Names RobustWealth an ‘Enlightened’ Platform

March 8th, 2017 – Nashville, TN

The 2017 CFA Wealth Management Conference closed on Wednesday, March 8th with keynote speaker, Joel Bruckenstein. During Joel’s presentation, he mentioned firms that he calls ‘Enlightened’. Of the firms named were Jemstep, AdvisorEngine and RobustWealth. Joel mentioned that the RobustWealth team is led by two former ‘Franklin Templeton veterans’ and provides Advisors with one centralized platform. He highlighted our goal-based investing model portfolios including asset allocation models and investment framework as well as our offering of third party investment models. Joel featured that the RobustWealth Platform allows Advisors to remain the controller on important things such as trade costs and timing. He mentioned that RobustWealth is ‘new, but has potential’. We are honored that Mr. Bruckenstein chose RobustWealth as a platform to highlight.

RobustWealth provides our Advisor partners with private label, institutional-quality robo-investment solutions. Our platform elegantly integrates a previously unwieldy array of services: behavioral glide-path algorithms, tax-loss harvesting and volatility mitigation overlays. RobustWealth is a low-cost provider at 20 bps; leaving greater economics for the Advisor. This fee includes value-added offerings such as client billing for all of their assets. Our independent model means we do not compete with the Advisor, unlike B2C Robos or discount brokerage platforms.

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