Crossing $500 Million in Platform Assets

RobustWealth Assets 500 Million

Exciting news for RobustWealth! On May 11th, we announced that more than $500 million in assets have been attracted to our platform. 93 new advisors from 25 firms were added since the first of this year (2017). CEO Rick Frisbie explains the platform’s success:

“RobustWealth has been embraced by financial advisors because it seamlessly solves pain points that we knew many of them faced: a stack of different technology vendors, rather than an integrated suite of features, which also alleviates the burden of manual rebalancing,” he said. “The swift adoption rate and amount of assets we’ve attracted is a testament to the harmonious relationship that financial advisors and robos can and should have, as long as the robo is designed with the advisor in mind.” The second version of RobustWealth’s platform is expected to launch next week, and will be available to advisors at special pricing throughout May and June.

Tom Burroughes of Family Wealth Report also posted about this announcement HERE, calling RobustWealth’s rapid progress a “scorching pace”.

To read the original article from BusinessWire, CLICK HERE.

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