Signature Service on Wheels

While it remains difficult to navigate the unknowns of this pandemic, our thoughts are with the communities and people impacted – from first responders, to families, friends and neighbors, to our dedicated employees, and our resilient clients.  Now more than ever, we can all appreciate just how small the world truly is, and the importance of coming together to support our communities in times of need. 

Even if nothing seems certain lately, you can be certain RobustWealth is committed to helping you serve your clients.  With COVID-19 causing instability and market volatility, we want our clients to know we’re here for you.  We exist to help, especially when you need it the most.  Rest assured that if you call us, expect an answer.  You’ll have access to real time information and answers from real professionals who are here to assist so you can best serve your clients. 

Service has always been a top priority at RobustWealth, and we understand that business continuity is important, specifically in times like these. We believe in having plans in place, and constantly testing them.  That’s why, since Day 1, all of our systems are cloud based and can be operated remotely, and all of our employees can work remotely.  We like to call it service-uninterrupted, so advisors can do what they do best—ADVISE their clients.  While we work hard at RobustWealth, we believe a little humor and laughter can sometimes be the best medicine.  Check out our fearless leader, Mike Kerins, turn our empty office into a skatepark.  By the next video, he’ll be able to land an ollie…

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