Female Advisors Make Careers Out Of Making A Difference

I hosted the inaugural RobustWealth Roundtable last month, the first in our new workplace series. The vision for this initiative is to bring industry leaders in to offer insights on investment topics. Inspired by the outreach of leading finance institutions, I knew our organization would benefit from the same type of collaborative conversation. Here at RobustWealth, we value learning with each other and from experts. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” What better way to create interest around learning than to speak on the timely and important topic of women in wealth. In March we recognized Women’s History Month; in April we celebrated Financial Literacy Month. As the industry moves to be more diverse and inclusive, raising awareness on the challenges faced by women and minorities remains top of mind.

For my first guest, I had the privilege of interviewing Kate Healy, the Managing Director of Generation Next, who leads TD Ameritrade Institutional’s NextGen and Women’s Leadership Initiatives. Generation Next is focused on advocacy for sustainability issues facing the RIA industry. Healy is widely recognized as a preeminent advocate for the next generation of financial planners; both for women advisors and the financial planning profession. She brought a wealth of experience to an engaged RobustWealth audience.

Our discussion centered around the roles of women as advisors, clients, and investors. Healy shared insight into the barriers women face, including lack of awareness, media misperceptions, and outdated ideas of responsibilities. For women who are advisors, they see much success in building relationships and connecting with others. As clients, women benefit from a safe and supportive community attuned to their unique lifestyles and focused on their social and environmental values. Women are still emerging in their role as investors and increased financial literacy will help empower them to embrace this more confidently. In concluding, Healy espoused the dynamism of working in finance and making a career out of making a difference.

What is the future of women in wealth? More opportunity, community, and prosperity. With increased accumulation of assets, greater representation in higher education, and differentiating advisory performance, women are set to have a strong presence in personal and corporate finance. Leaders like Healy are showing courage and commitment to usher in the next generation of advisors and ensure the continued excellence of this industry.

I am motivated by a personal and professional commitment to empowering women. The world of finance is changing; we must ensure that gender, racial, and ethnic minorities are represented and respected. A future devoid of these voices is something we simply cannot afford. By increasing the awareness, advocacy, and advancement of women in wealth, we can each do our part to invest in a better world for all. Now that’s what I would call good returns.

For more information on Kate Healy’s work, visit www.tdainstitutional.com/ and follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/KateHealy_TDA.

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