FinTech and Foothills

RobustWealth merges FinTech and Foothills

From step to uneven, rocky step, Andy Cleff measured each footfall to the top of New York’s Mount Colden. He had spent the last eleven hours keeping pace, hiking, and bonding with his fellow teammates, as the group climbed the summit. Andy’s thoughts after the excursion were simple and all too true: “I can go pretty far if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other!”

There’s a reason why mountains are at the core of what we do; our imagery, our language, and even our extra-curricular activities – they are a symbol of how the insurmountable can be conquered by hard work, great planning, and a little improvisation.

We caught up with the team to hear about their experience climbing the Adirondack’s eleventh-highest peak and what they learned:

Great rewards come from great work

Over the past few years, we have used “Climb On!” as our battle cry and the driving force behind the company. Aniket Sarkar best spoke to the team’s dedication at the end of the hike, realizing that “in the end, it’s always worth it when you’re working with others who share the same end goal.”

The largest summit currently conquered was the Principal Financial acquisition in July 2018. The team’s hard work and never say die attitude pushed them to the top, and they’re looking to higher peaks for the future.

Planned it already? Plan it again

Building innovative tech takes meticulous planning and care, just like climbing the toughest mountains, Strong project design led them to be featured in the T3 Technology Hub’s software survey which named RobustWealth® as one of the top ten digital wealth management platforms.

On the hike, Vaibhav Patel noted that all of this planning and work helped him learn “how to trust myself and the value of teamwork.” Moving forward, the team looks to take on larger goals by pushing the limits of what the digital advice platform will do in the future.

There’s always room to improvise

But great planning can only get you so far. It’s essential to be adaptable in the face of adversity. This flexibility is also essential to the efficient growth of RobustWealth. Theresa Hohgrawe, our Office Administrator, put it well when she mused, “There is no limit to what you can accomplish.” With a small, nimble group, we have the agility quickly make decisions and pivot toward new opportunities.

As the team grows, the platform grows.

Whether it’s from climbing Mt. Washington or developing new platform features, the product is the culmination of many individuals’ dedication. They make great efforts to see the success of this particular wealth management platform and for good reason: it’s complete. A sixteen-mile hike and eyes set on long-term goals. This is a small piece that portrays RobustWealth as a company and a community. As we take steps forward, we’re constantly coming up with new ideas to deliver powerful features for our wealth management system. Learn more about us and see if you’d like to help us keep climbing on.


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