Gaming for Charity

Gaming for Charity Outreach Project

It all started with the addition of J.D. Bruce to the RobustWealth Advisory Board.

Near the end of his unique and colorful bio he proudly boasts that can beat his teenagers at Mario Cart. RobustWealth Founder and CEO, Mike Kerins, quickly called his bluff and fired back that he would ‘crush’ J.D. any day in Nintendo64.

A competition was born.

After a few months of bragging and a handful of emails sprinkled with friendly trash talk, we settled on the main stage: the lobby at Abacus Wealth Partners.

The Stakes

In addition to bragging rights, Mike and J.D. put their money where their mouth is, offering a charitable contribution the organization of the winners choice.

RobustWealth chose Girls Who Invest.

Girls Who Invest (“GWI”) is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 dedicated to increasing the number of women in portfolio management and executive leadership in the asset management industry. Our mission is to have 30% of the world’s investable capital managed by women by


Abacus Wealth Partners chose the T3 Advisor Conference Student Competition Scholarship fund.

Each team competing for the T3 Scholoarship is comprised of a mix of information technology and financial planning students that have been paired with a mentoring tech firm. Each student team builds and presents their project to a panel of industry experts for real life, practical experience.

The Matchup

After Mike took home the practice session and Round 1, Bruce won the second contest.

It was tied 1-1 in the best-of-three matchup.

Mike Kerins vs J.D. Bruce. The long-awaited battle was down to the final game. Things were really heating up. The tension and the stakes were high. Winner takes all…the bragging rights… the drama!

And The Winner Is…

In a nail-biter final match, Mike wins! Even though he humbly “destroyed” J.D. (Editor’s note: his words, not ours), Mike and the RobustWealth team also donated to the T3 Scholarship Fund.

For more information about each charitable organization, check out:

Girls Who Invest
T3 Advisor Conference Student Competition Scholarship fund

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