Must-Read Books for the Winter

The Top Five Books that Keep Us Climbing

Wintertime in the Northeast brings out the best in the culture and community here at RobustWealth®. Whether we’re out as a team hiking snowy trails in New Hampshire or gearing up for our 3rd Annual Digital Advice Conference, we’re continually striving to better ourselves through learning and experience. With thoughts of snow days and cozy couches, I touched base with some teammates to find out what motivates and inspires them after curling up (or queuing up) with their favorite books to read.

 Rich Dad Poor Dad Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Ryan, Director of Advisor Services: “I love this book because it gives the nitty-gritty ‘physics’ of money. It teaches the importance being self-disciplined while continually seeking opportunities to be entrepreneurial. As a society, we need to continually invest in ourselves as well as the next generation regardless of our current situation.”

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a popular book that you may have come across while researching personal finance. Ryan praised Kiyosaki’s motivational approach to encourage others to take charge of their finances. As the book’s title suggests, it compares the lives of two fathers who have vastly different approaches to money management and financial philosophies. The application of this to Ryan’s experiences quickly became clear, as he felt he had a better understanding of what motivates clients in decision-making moments.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Rajesh, VP of Investments: “Whatever you want in life, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Rajesh’s thoughts on The Alchemist were straightforward: He uses it as a tool to gain introspection into his own life while navigating its many paths. With over one hundred international prizes and awards, Paulo Coelho’s magnum opus, has impacted lives around the world. The book’s central idea hinges on a metaphor, following a protagonist’s journey through self-discovery, listening to oneself, and ultimately encouraging the reader to consider their choices and goals. Rajesh brings positive sentiments from the text into his work life, deftly navigating the ebbs and flows of the investment world.

Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. Allen

Billy, Senior Advisor Services Specialist*: “It really opened my eyes to diversification not only of assets, but also of income streams, which makes one less dependent on any single source and greatly increases overall financial independence.”

Robert G. Allen’s book, Multiple Streams of Incomestrongly resonated with Billy’s background as an insurance and securities-licensed Financial Advisor. As Billy eagerly talked about alternative revenue sources available to the public, it was easy to see why this book struck a chord. Topically, Allen presents a range of ways to generate income and provides sound advice for those already in finance.

The text covers methodologies and ideas surrounding accelerated returns for stock market investing, real estate investing in foreclosures, flippers, tax-lien notes, network marketing, licensing intellectual property, and e-commerce. With all the food for thought, Billy discovered new avenues that easily transition into his current role on the Advisor Services team.

Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces by Michael Chabon

Jerry, VP of Sales: “Work-life balance is extremely important, and this book made an impact on both of these aspects of my life.”

On top of building and managing our sales team, Jerry is constantly keeping up with current trends and the evolving needs of our clients and partners. For him, striking a balance between crushing it at work and home is key and his book choice, Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces, shows that.

You may remember author Michael Chabon from his flagship book, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clayand he’s still carrying poignant, introspective tones into this newest collection of essays. Chabon has put forth seven essays that illuminate the complexities and subtleties that fatherhood brings. As Jerry can attest, it serves a great purpose in letting readers reminisce about times that have passed and allows for a quick, easy, and relaxing read after a long day.

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Miles, AVP of Sales*: “This was beyond intriguing. The first book I literally couldn’t put down in ages.”

Struggling to get a conversation going? Want to open yourself up to creative marketing ideas? Miles recently picked up Traction, a book that’s changed the way start-ups, larger companies, and marketing teams work to attract new customers. He was in love with the easy-to-read sections that are packed full of meaningful advice and interesting tidbits. Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares discuss a wide variety of marketing channels and how to leverage these for the most exposure.

All I can say is that after talking to the team, my “Books to Read” list has certainly grown. Hopefully, this gives you a place to start when looking for fresh ideas. The RobustWealth team works hard to draw inspiration from a wide variety of places, and it’s what keeps us at the forefront of thought-leadership in the digital advice space.

*denotes former team member

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